Praises for Efficiency Production’s Universal Slide Rail System

“Everyone I have contacted within your company has been professional, courteous, and knew their job. The person whose actions prompted me to contact you was (Shoring Specialist) Tim Hurst. His experience and ability to train our employees was essential to our success. The last pit we installed with Slide Rail was the real example of Tim’s, and your company’s ability. We encountered a severe challenge due to poor soil conditions, and Tim suggested and organized the installation of a smaller, 4-sided Slide Rail System inside the original ClearSpan System which saved us from a potentially horrible situation and created a dryer, tighter box than the one already installed. I believe in positive reinforcement, and Tim is a highly qualified shoring specialist who definitely proved himself to us and our company.” – Doug Smith, Hoffman Brothers Construction, Battle Creek MI

“The shoring solution might be pricey, but Efficiency Production provides equipment, service, and capable support that is second to none. That’s what we expect, and demand, when it comes to underground safety.” – Steve Betsko, McDaniels Construction, Columbus OH

“I hadn’t used Slide Rail before, but with the prospect of using it again, we can bid on more pump station or lift station jobs. Slide Rail potentially opens up another avenue for our business.” – Joe Raica, Joe Raica Excavating, Fowlerville MI

“I like the (Slide Rail) System a lot, especially the open-face rail design. After installing 12 feet in the outside rail, it gets tight; but then moving to the open-face inside rail, it’s like starting all over again. There is a lot more flexibility.” – Larry Leach, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates, Canandalgua NY

“With Efficiency’s Slide Rail, we could excavate to the exact dimensions of the system without any over cutting. This was a huge cost savings both in time and money. Slide Rail was a real problem solver, both economically and physically.” – Brad Shultz, Evans Construction, Jackson WY

“The ClearSpan™ waler beams have been critical, in that they move up and down, which makes it easy to extract when we start to pull the system out as we backfill.” – Mike Matlock, Weihe Construction, Noblesville MI

“I’d say we saved about 10 to 20 percent by using Slide Rail instead of sheeting; and we can keep our own guys working, rather than hiring a sheet piling company or driving sheet piling ourselves.” – Todd Bell, Woodruff & Sons Contractors, Michigan City IN

“There was a lot of concern about damaging the buildings. One of the main reasons I got the job was because I proposed Efficiency’s Slide Rail System in the bid. We were not the low bidder but we were chosen because the system would not damage the buildings.” – Derek Marranca, Jobsite Services, Inc., Bay City MI

“Efficiency’s (Slide Rail) system is very well built–overbuilt really–and everyone is always very safe laying pipe. It’s a total shoring system.” – Allan Schieb, W.W. Clyde & Co., Springville UT

“We were competing for the job against one other contractor who came in with no other shoring options other than open-cut, so I think the Slide Rail option helped us land the job.” – Randy McKenney, Goodfellow Construction, Corunna ON Canada

“We couldn’t use a system that had (immovable) spreader bars. The Efficiency system, with the external walers and removable parallel beam spreaders, was exactly what we needed for this project” – Janelle McKenzie, EPCOR Utility, Inc., Edmonton AB Canada

“This really is the perfect shoring system for this type of soil. The heavy clay we were encountering is always moving, flowing; and with Slide Rail, the panels sort of seal off the trench from the dirt that’s constantly shearing in. It can withstand a lot of soil pressure,” – Chris Wentland, Bacco Construction, Iron Mountain MI

“As we were taking the Slide Rail out of the ground, I thought to myself that I can use this (system) on another excavation project coming up in a few months. In fact, I wish I knew about this earlier, because it would have worked great on some other utility projects that we’d already completed.”- Stan Burnside, Tonn & Blank Construction, Michigan City IN

“The Slide Rail System was the best choice! We’ve tried others in the past but when we used Efficiency’s system we were sold! It went in faster than sheeting and it minimized the vibration to the surrounding houses.” – Fred Spielmann, Central Florida Underground, Inc., Altamonte Springs FL

“This was the first time I’ve seen an Efficiency Slide Rail go in the ground, and I was very impressed with the system. I really liked the Shore-Trak™ Sheeting Guide Frame, because we could put in the stab-sheeting around the culverts, and still be integrated with the rest of the system.” – Clint Martinez, Wolverine Engineers & Surveyors, Mason MI

“The Shore-Trak™ Sheeting Guide Frame was just a great system, and really worked better than what I expected. Now that the state’s DOT has approved this system as ‘active shoring,’ I expect that we will be able to successfully bid on future DOT let jobs in the state.” – Roger Kimrey, B.R.S. Contracting, Richfield NC