XLAP Aluminum Panel Trench Shield

Efficiency’s XLAP series aluminum panel trench shields are designed specifically for municipalities, and contractors who use rubber-tired backhoes or smaller excavators for trenching. XLAP Aluminum shields are made of lightweight smooth, double-wall aluminum. Each 3 inch side-wall is constructed of foam-filled, 8 inch extrusions which prevent dirt build-up and reduces friction.

XLAP comes with either a flat bottom or extruded aluminum knife edge. Efficiency aluminum shields have the greatest strength to weight ratio in the industry. Each shield includes a professional engineered depth certification tag.

Telescoping spreaders sets come in a wide variety of sizes, and accessories such as pulling and lifting lugs make it easy to handle the shield into and out of the trench. With approximately half the weight of comparable sized steel shields, XLAP is ideal for a variety of situations such as municipal maintenance and emergency repairs, or small utility projects.

4-Sided XLAP™ & Build-A-Box™ end panels

XLAP-5 with 5 in. sidewalls & steel endframe


  • Telescoping spreader sets in a wide variety of sizes
  • Stackable with Build-A-Box
  • Flat bottom or extruded aluminum knife edge on panels
  • Narrow sidewalls
  • Ultra-light double wall aluminum
  • Greatest strength to weight ratio in the industry
  • 3 in. sidewalls are smooth to prevent dirt build-up and reduce friction
  • Foam-filled wall construction prevents dirt and moisture accumulation
  • Professional Engineer design and depth certification



  • XLAP-3
  • XLAP-5