Build-A-Box Modular Aluminum Trench Shield System

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Compatible with XLAP aluminum shields is Efficiency’s modular aluminum trench shielding system, Build-A-Box. Build-A-Box component panels, corner posts, and accessories can be transported in a pick-up truck, and easily assembled by hand into two, three, or 4-sided shielding configurations. More complex configurations of Build-A-Box can be designed for special use projects.

Build-A-Box also works in perfect tandem with XLAP; quickly adding height to the aluminum shield, or enclosing one or both ends of the shield. Build-A-Box’s flexibility makes it an essential tool for small utility and cable projects, municipal maintenance or on-the-spot troubleshooting applications.

Bab 2sided02

2-Sided Build-A-Box™

Build a box02

3-Sided Build-A-Box™

Build a box03

4-Sided Build-A-Box™


  • Pick-up truck transportable
  • Can be hand-assembled in minutes
  • Exclusive corner end posts (same post for two, three, and four-sided configurations).
  • Tongue and groove design
  • Foam filled
  • Narrow sidewalls
  • Stackable with XLAP
  • Ultra-light double wall aluminum
  • Greatest strength to weight ratio in the industry
  • Sidewalls are smooth to prevent dirt build-up and reduce friction
  • Professional Engineer design and depth certification



Adjustable spreaders