4-Sided or Linear Multi-Bay Slide Rail System by Efficiency Production

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Linear Multi-Bay

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4-Sided Multi-Bay

Multi-Bay configured Slide Rail System utilizes unique parallel beams that roll up and down the slotted rail on the inside face of Slide Rail linear posts. The parallel beams have spreader collars—like trench shield sidewalls—which pin standard trench box spreaders.

There are two kinds of Multi-Bay Systems: the first is a 4-SIDED Multi-Bay system which uses corner-posts and panels to enclose the ends of the Multi-Bay system. 4-sided Multi-Bay systems are ideal for tank installation, long structures, or increasingly more popular: microtunneling and other types of boring operations.

The second type is a LINEAR Multi-Bay System which has open ends on the trench and does not use corner posts. This configuration is ideal for installing long pipelines, even over great distances. The open ends allow contractors to install pipe in the front bay, while back-filling in the back bay and then “leap-frogging” the system forward. In this manner, it is possible to re-utilize a set number of Slide Rail components. Additionally, with both 4-Sided and Linear Multi-Bay, when external waler beams and sacrificial members are utilized, the parallel beam spreader assembly can be completely removed, providing an unobstructed clearance for installing longer pipe or structures.