Steel Manhole Shields by Efficiency Production

MHXLD-CEP Manhole Shield

A MHXLD-CEP steel manhole shield with Corner End Plates

MHXLDW Manhole Shield

A MHXLDW 4 in. sidwall manhole shield with wrap-around endwalls.

MHXLD-CEP Manhole Shield

MHXLD-CEP manhole shield shores pipe installation

Two MHXLDW Manhole Shields

Two stacked Efficiency Production manufactured MHXLDW manhole trench shields in use


Efficiency’s 4 in. double sidewall Manhole Shields come with two specifically designed spreader setsSpreaders on the MHXLD-CEP attach to the shield’s sidewalls utilizing standard sized spreaders. Spreaders on the MHXLDW attached to the wrap-around end walls allowing for maximum inside clearance.

Collar & Spreader Options

■    7 in. collar pipe for 8” schedule 80 spreaders (standard)
■    Spreaders attach to sidewalls
■    3¾ in. collar pipe for 4” schedule 40 spreaders (standard)
■    5 in. collar pipe for 6” schedule 80
■    Spreaders attach to wrap-around end walls