Trench Shoring including hydraulic shores and hydraulic aluminum trench shields

2011 cse hyd shores09

Where trench shields are used to protect workers against cave-ins, hydraulic shores are used to actually apply pressure to trench walls to prevent cave-ins. Efficiency Production, Inc. has been manufacturing aluminum hydraulic shores since 1971, including the manufacture of all rails, cylinders and components.

Vertical shores consist of a pair of strong eight-inch aluminum rails that are connected by hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic cylinders are pressurized outside of the trench with an easy to use hand-pump. Both the rails and cylinders come in various lengths, offering superior versatility when working around existing utilities and supporting trench walls near structures.

Vertical Shores can also be used in unison with a special type of plywood called FinForm. Three-quarter inch FinForm is acceptable for the use of plywood according to OSHA standards. It is not, however, considered a structural member.