Arcosa Shoring Products unveils new video highlighting company’s commitment to Environment Social Governance (ESG)

Posted: Tuesday, February 28, 2021 | By: James McRay

As a provider of infrastructure-related safety equipment and solutions, Arcosa Shoring Products strives to create long term value for its customers and stakeholders by promoting a culture that values Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) responsibility. To that end, Arcosa recently produced a video highlighting the company’s ESG commitment.

“Clearly the trench shoring industry’s number one priority is safety,” says Joe Zylman, President of Arcosa Shoring Products and NAXSA Board Member. “However, underground construction personnel are not the only beneficiaries of all that we do collectively,” he says. “The environment benefits every time a contractor digs a trench to install shoring rather than sloping,” Zylman points out. “Yes, trench shoring saves lives, but it also does so much more.”

Environmental Social Governance by Arcosa Shoring Products

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