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Aluminum Boxes
Trench Shielding & Shoring Products by Efficiency Production

Aluminum Trench Boxes

XLAP™ Aluminum Trench Shield

Build-A-Box™ Modular System

Strong enough to keep trench workers safe from injuries or unstable soil, yet lightweight for easy transportation and assembly, aluminum trench boxes, are ideal for smaller jobs in place of steel trench boxes. Also known as trench shields, aluminum trench boxes are engineered to offer the protection and security for excavation that steel trench boxes provide, but are less than half of the weight.

Efficiency Productions offers a full line of high quality municipal-series aluminum trench boxes that are lightweight enough to be used with rubber-tired backhoes, yet still protect your workers from potential cave-ins or injuries. Our complete line of aluminum trench boxes is OSHA-compliant and will ensure the safety of your crew.

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