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Trinity Shoring aquires Efficiency Production

To All Efficiency Production Dealer Partners and Customers, On July 14, 2017, Trinity Shoring Products Inc. (“Trinity Shoring”), through a subsidiary, acquired substantially all of the assets of Efficiency Production, Inc. Trinity Shoring will continue to operate the new company under the name “Efficiency Production.” Efficiency Production will continue to aggressively market and promote our strong brand presence in the industry, while continuing to pursue new...
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Tenth annual Municipal Safety Day draws record participation

Mike Ross, Efficiency Production’s National Training Coordinator, explains the duties of being a Qualified Person during classroom training at the 2016 Municipal Safety Day program. Jack Doheny Companies’ Ed Fitzgerald shows off the features of a gas monitoring device during Air Quality Safety training. Efficiency Production’s Sales Staff; Rod Austin (left), Jim Hamilton, and Raul Felman, prepare burgers on the grill for the event’s...
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Trench Safety; from a Manufacturer's Perspective

by James McRay In 1978, the United States Department of Labor’s Occupations Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) mandated the use of a trench protection system for all excavations deeper than 5 feet. Protection systems being either a trench shield, shoring, or simply sloping trenches or excavations. All of a sudden, “trench safety” became an integral part of the construction industry’s vernacular. But trenches were being dug, and deep utilities were...
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Contractor installs BIG pipe at O’Hare Airport with help from custom built trench shields

Walsh Construction recently completed installing a new storm sewer at Chicago O’Hare Airport that is 15,000 linear feet of 144 inch concrete pipe. A total of188 individual, 8 foot long, 12 foot diameter pipe sections were installed in the ground 25 feet below the future runway. In order to get the shield to the proper grade for Walsh’s project, Efficiency designed a set of stacked 10 foot tall, 30 foot long trench shields. ...
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Contractor uses trench shoring for first time; install tank in Efficiency Slide Rail System

With equipment rented from Efficiency Shoring and Supply, and with the help of Efficiency Production’s Senior Slide Rail Installer, Rod Austin (front, yellow shirt); Goodson installed a six-bay, 4-Sided Multi-Bay™ configured Slide Rail System. Tie-back waler i-beams at the top of the Slide Rail System on both of the long sides attach into integrated waler brackets that connect into a slotted rail on the outside face of the linear posts. The...
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With help of Efficiency Slide Rail, Michigan contractor makes deep utility install "Piece of Cake"

The 8 foot diameter wet well we are installing is 28 feet tall,” explained Greg Mauldon.  “Before this, the deepest we’d dug was 22 feet deep, so this was definitely uncharted territory for us,” he said. The biggest challenge to the project was finding a shoring system that could go at least 30 feet deep.  Fortunately, an Efficiency Production manufactured Slide Rail System fit the bill perfectly. Mauldon Bros....
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Efficiency’s Special Operations Shoring Division: Specializing in Trench Shoring Solutions

The Special Operations Shoring Division are (l to r): Division Director Greg Ross , Tim Hurst , Megan MacDonald , Dan Meredith , Allan Baron II , and Mike Ross by James McRay In 2011, Efficiency Production, Inc.—America’s Trench Box Builder™--established the Special Operations Shoring Division ; staffed by the most experienced team of Slide Rail System experts and installers. “The goal of the Division is to use our engineering,...
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Efficiency Production announces Billy Padgett as Southeast Regional Manager

By James McRay Billy Padgett, recently named Southeast Regional Manager for Efficiency Production, Inc., is a veteran of more than 35 years in the trench safety and trench shoring industry. Efficiency will be employing Billy’s vast experience as a Market Developer for the company in the Southeast United States, as well as assisting Efficiency’s existing dealers in the region. Billy’s trench safety training credentials draw back to the very beginning of the federal...
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Custom trench shield spreader arch delivered in 5 days! No down time for contractor

Whitaker is installing 4,500 linear feet of 108 inch RCT pipe with an outside diameter (O.D.) of 11 feet, with an average depth of 18-20 feet deep. The stacked trench shields are Efficiency Production HT-6 10x28 and 4x28 foot boxes with 16 foot spreaders on the front end, and hi-clearance arch on the back end. The job required laying approximately 550 joints of the 8 foot long pipe.  Each stick of pipe weighs approximately 45,000 pounds. ...
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